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With today’s economy promotion and marketing is more important than ever.
The times have changed and many of the old forms of marketing and promotion are not successful anymore.

Red Dirt Road Entertainment is here to help you.

Our specialty is working with Reality TV Cast Members, Musical Artists/ Bands  that focus on the Texas Music Charts and Texas Regional Radio Charts, and Venues, Bars, Night Clubs that support Texas Music.

We also work with small businesses. The “Mom and Pop” businesses are what this country was formed on and we are here to help you.

Red Dirt Road provides the following services:

For Musical Artists and Bands focused on the Texas Music Charts:

  • Radio promotion to the Texas Regional Radio Report & Texas Radio Chart Stations
  • Artist/Band Marketing & Promotion
  • Radio Interviews
  • Radio Tours
  • Press Releases to select Radio Stations and other Media Market
  • Artist/Band Development
  • Website Development & Management
  • Graphic Creation for Promotional EPs, Flyers, Posters, and Ads
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Press Kits

For Reality TV Cast Members:

  • Booking of Appearances and Speaking Engagements
  • Management
  • Branding
  • Social Media Assistance
  • Obtaining Sponsorships and Endorsements
  • Website Development & Management
  • Press Kits

For Businesses:

  • Website Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Print/Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Branding & Identity
  • Brand & Web Consulting

If you have a struggling  Bar or Night Club then you came to the right place. We joint venture with one of the best bar rescuers in the business.